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Our Breeders

 Besides our own puppies, we partner with other trusted breeders that hold to our stringent breeding standards to bring you more beautiful puppies!

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The Breeding Program

One of the main concerns from potential clients is about the dogs in our breeding program - and rightly so! Here, we highlight the six pillars that make up our philosophy on the ethical raising of high-quality pets.

No "Puppy Mills" Guarantee

Vetted Breeders

We carefully vet every breeder in our program, and hold them to the strictest breeding standards for every puppy.

USDA Facilities

The breeders in our program are USDA and state licensed, with modern, state-of-the-art, housing facilities.

Heath & Wellness Testing

Our dogs undergo vigorous health and wellness testing and are not bred unless they're in peak condition.  

Premium Nutrition

We use premium food & nutrition to ensure our dogs stay in peak health, before, during and after pregnancy.

Outdoor Exercise

Our dogs get plenty of outdoor exercise and human interaction - a minimum 30 minutes every day.

Loving Care

We raise our puppies as part of the family - well acclimated to humans, and ready to bond with their new owner.

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