Mini Bernedoodles

Choose from our available Mini Bernedoodle Puppies!*

*​We  partner with trusted breeders that hold to the same, ethical breeding standards as ourselves, to bring you our beautiful Mini Bernedoodle puppies!


Dam: 80 LB AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

Sire: 15 LB AKC Registered Poodle

This litter was born 5/​15/19 and are ready for their new homes!

These puppies will be around ​30-40 LBS. as adults

​F1 Tri-Colored Bernedoodles.

They come with their first sets of shots, dewormed, microchipped and vet checked.

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​Pablo, F1  Tri-Colored Bernedoodle

​Pablo is a handsome boy, full of life!

Price: $​2,250 w/ $200 deposit 

​Paisley, ​Tri-Colored F1 Bernedoodle

Paisley is a little girl with character!

Price: $​2500 w/ $200 deposit

​Patricia, F1 Tri-Colored Female Bernedoodle.

​Her beautiful eyes say it all!

Price: $​2500 w/ $200 deposit

​Patrick F1 Tri-Colored Bernedoodle Male

​Patrick is  a handsome stud with a gorgeous,​ Tri-Colored coat.

Price: $​2,250 w/ $200 deposit



F1 Tri-Colored Bernedoodle

​Porter's happy personality will win your heart!

Price: $​2,250 w/ $200 deposit

​Prince, ​F1 Tri-Colored Bernedoodle.

​Prince Charming!

Price: $​2,250 w/ $200 deposit

​Preston, ​F1 Tri-Colored Bernedoodle.

​Preston's happy-go lucky personality will make you feel happy!

Price: $​2,250 w/ $200 deposit

​Pauline, ​F1 Tri-Colored Bernedoodles.

​Pauline has a friendly personality to fall in love with!

Price: $​2500 w/ $200 deposit

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