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About Us

Welcome to Southland Puppies! We invite you to learn more about us and our dogs, as well as our policies and health guarantee!

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Our Story

We are Cephas and Ruth Kropf, and along with our beautiful family, live on 11 acres of countryside near Itasca, Texas. We began raising family pets in 2011, first as Northland Kennels from Wisconsin, and now as Southland Puppies in south-central Texas! We fell in love with the popular Golden Retriever breed, not only because of their graceful appearance and high intelligence, but their family-centric personalities. However, because of the demand for more hypo-allergenic pets, we've combined the best of both worlds, with "designer breeds" - crossing the equally popular Poodle, a breed known for its non-shedding curly coat, with our beloved dogs to produce our highly sought-after Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles.

Our commitment has always been to raise happy, healthy, family companions; pets that combine good coats, with an ideal temperament, and health, and ethically raised in our state and USDA licensed facilities.

About Our Dogs

Our Goldendoodles

Our Golden Retrievers are known for their affection, and loyalty. Bred with our handsome AKC registered Red Poodle, they produce our highly sought-after Goldendoodles!

Mini Goldendoodles

Our Mini Goldendoodles come in the same sweet and saucy package their standard-sized cousins do, except only half the size!

Mini Bernedoodles

Our sweet, loyal, Mini Bernedoodles are prized for their beautiful fluffy coats, intelligence and family-friendly personalities. 

Mini Aussiedoodles

Our Mini Aussiedoodles are smart and easy to train. There loyal and playful personality make them a bonding friend. To top it off, their soft fur coat make for some beautiful looking puppies! 

Our Purchase Agreement & Promise To You

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  • Reserving A Puppy
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Health GUARANTEE

In order to hold or reserve a puppy, we require a small (non-refundable) deposit which is usually 20-25% of the purchase price. This is normally submitted through our website, via PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, or Venmo. (Call us to reserve by check). All puppies are reserved on a first deposit in basis. Your deposit is applied to the final balance due for your puppy.

If your deposit is submitted through our website, a receipt will be emailed to you. Please print it and bring it with you when picking up the puppy. While the deposit is nonrefundable, on the occasion your chosen puppy becomes unavailable for any reason, you will have the option of either a full refund, or another available puppy of your choice.

Puppy Checklist

Make Sure You're Prepared For Your New Puppy!

  • Dog Food. We highly recommend our own current food: 4-Health Puppy Formula
  • Food/Water Bowls Make sure you have something to serve your puppy's supper and keep him hydrated!
  • Collar and ID Tag Don't risk your dog getting lost in a new neighborhood without identification.
  • Leash Important for keeping Fido at your side during a walk around the neighborhood, as well as training purposes.
  • Dog Crate Perfect for transportation, or to give your pup a place to call his own.
  • Doggy Bed A cozy dog bed helps your pup feel at ease in his new home.
  • Toys Provide your dog with physical and mental exercise with different types of dog toys.
  • Grooming Products Dog shampoo, nail-trimmers and a brush gets your pup used to grooming from the start
  • Potty Pads Essential for house training your pup to Not pee on the carpet.
  • Stain/Odor Remover For the "Oh No's!" that happen before your puppy is fully potty trained.

More Clients Share Their Stories!

This is Sawyer we named Gauge. He is absolutely precious and so full of energy!!!

-H. Schneider

We have Harper, from Lacey's litter. She has such a fun personality and is a great playmate for our 6-year old doodle. She has brought so much joy and laughter to our house.

-A. King

I have to tell you, Peanut it the best dog ever. She's a wiz come potty training and is a great protector if our home and gets along well with her new brother, a yorkie-poo...I'm so grateful to get her from you guys, she's healthy and a big girl, over 70 pounds, and not fat!

-K. Scherr

Here are some pictures of our Dixie. She is so sweet and fun! She has been a great addition to our family!

-K. McGahey

The puppies are doing good! We love them so much already.

-The Pembroke Family

We are so pleased with our boy, Lucky! He is so smart, loving, and a blessing to our family. We have had Lucky ti obedience classes and even the trainers can't believe how smart he and friendly he is. I would highly recommend Your Kennel as a breeder - You have great dogs!

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