What  People Are Saying About Our Puppies...
He's doing great! He's really doing well, seems happy, and is really sweet. I'll send a few recent pictures. We call him Jayber, from a favorite book by Wendell Berry called Jayber Crow.
He's doing really well with our 16 year old lab. He really wants to be friends with her, but he's usually pretty gentle with her.

Just wanted to let you know that we got Kirk to the vet today, and he checked out great! He is adjusting very well! He is a quick learner and is settling in nicely.

Hello!! We brought "Karl" home last March! He will be 1 tomorrow, his new name is Oscar! He is the best dog we could have ever hoped for!! Everyone can't get over how good he is at listening and around other dogs and small children!! I was just emailing to see if you can remind me who his parents were! (I can't remember and like looking at your new liters of puppies and would like to know who he came from!) thank you so much for breeding such a great dog! Here are some recent pictures of him!

Thanks again,
Mackenzie Gobler

I have to tell you WREN who is peanut now is the best dog ever. She's a wiz came potty trained and is a great protector of our home and gets along well with her new brother a yorkie-poo actually bigger then a yorkie  and he's very good with her. I'm so grateful to get her from you guys she's healthy and a big girl over 70 pounds and not fat she's bigger then her mom. Must be the water cause both our dogs are big in size. - K. Scherr

Sue and I are very happy with with our Doodle Molly. She is a very healthy, happy and energetic puppy. She loves to play and swim. I am very happy to have her as a companion when Sue is away at work.
She loves to ride in my truck and on the boat. All I have to do is to say ride, and she gets all excited. She is very bright and learns quickly. We got her Spayed at 4 months, which calmed her down allot.
Thank you  for my baby Molly! I should have done this along time ago. For people with allergies such as myself, F1B Doodles are the way to go! Because I am allergic to all other animals, you
name it, I am allergic to it!! Daily grooming is a must, but she does not shed and that is really nice. No dandruff !! Here are some pics. of Molly.
Thanks again, Bill Epstein  Mosinee WI.

WE ARE ABSOLUTELY HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE W/OUR MURPHY (Melvin) from Tucker and Linda's liter!!  And so is everyone we come in contact w/.

Murphy is so spoiled...
He got to come with the family to Petco to pick out a new collar, treats, and some more new toys!!
He got to come with us for my son's travel ball tournament in Johnson Creek and got to stay in a hotel for two nights!!
We are doing very well with going potty and poopy outside and are rewarded w/a treat.
Attached are a few pictures.

This is Chloe(Heather). We brought Chloe home and she has captured all of our hearts. I don't think any of us could imagine her not being part of our family. She is such a great addition. She's so lovable and smart and playful. Everyone hated the brutal winter Chicago had this year except for her. She loves the outdoors and playing catch. I don't think that there's ever a time that I'm somewhere in the house that she's not at my side. We absolutely love her.

"We are so pleased with our boy, Lucky!  He is so smart, loving, and a blessing to our family.  We have had Lucky to obedience classes and even the trainers can't believe how smart and friendly he is.  I would highly recommend Your Kennel as a breeder - you have great dogs!"
.  He is the sweetest thing...we love him!  Thank you for everything!!!


Hello Cephas,

I just wanted to let you know that Beverly or I should say “Abby” is doing great! She has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is growing so fast! We had snow over the weekend and she loves the snow! J

Kelly DaCosta

Grizzly (Wade) is a great addition to our little family!  Since the day we brought him home, we have received compliments of how well behaved, friendly, and cute he is.  He turned 6 months old last week and is 37 lbs.  Grizz has a lot of energy, loves water, and playing with other dogs.  He is always surprising us with how quickly he learns.  Thank you for our awesome doodle!

Chelsey and Will
Eden Prairie, MN

Hi Cephas and Ruth, Well it's been a  little under 5 months since we brought Spot (Weasley)  home.  He now weighs 50 lbs  and he's quit tall.  He is 90% Angel and 10% (well you know).  He is really smart and he loves the snow and cold.
Which I guess this year that's a plus.  He goes with us every day and I don't think he's been alone for more then 30 minutes at a time since we got him.  He's had the run of the house since about a week after we bought him home and he was completely house broken since. He is not one to chew on anything we don't give him.  We love him to death and just want you to know that he is doing well.  We also have told a lot of people about you because everyone adores him and want to know where we got him.  Anyone to get a pup from you will be very lucky.                        Thank You, Barb, Jim and Spot Shufel
Dear Cephas and Ruth,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you for let us take care of Jordan. He is already a 10 month boydog, healthy, handsome, energetic, and very kind. All our neighbors love Jordan.
Jordan loves to play in the snow. Once he got out there in the snow, he was so happy, dancing in the snow like a bunny. When Jordan is proud of himself, he trots like a horse. Jordan is also very a agile, can jump high, and catch things quickly. He is very funny, and he brought a lot of laughs in our life.

Slavek, Li and Samuel
Hi Cephas and Ruth,

Just wanted you to know that Zoey is doing great! She already knows how to sit, shake, and lay down. We are really enjoying her. Hope you enjoy the pictures of her!!

Tim & Christine Kluge

Zoey the Goldendoodle
Hi Cephas, 

I would to thank your family for the loving care and the accommodating service.  You made our experience terrific.  We are bless with a Golden-doodle, named Weston.  Weston is about 7 months old and he has brought so much joy into our lives.  When asked where we got Weston, which is frequently, I have no hesitation in mentioning and recommending your kennel.  Thank you for making a difference in others and our lives.

The Putlak's

F1b Goldendoodle WESTON
NOV 2012 
Hello! Ruth and Cephas, I hope all is well!  I thought I would send you a picture or 2 of Nala (FRAN).  She's pretty adorable and fits in very well in our home, sometimes I think too well.  Nala thinks she rules the house, little Queen B =).  Nala just started puppy classes and loves playing with the other puppies and/or being in the certain of attention, not sure which one yet!   Yesterday, she didn't know what to think about the snow, however, today she jumped right in and didn't want to go inside!  

She's very playful and full of energy! Thank you!
Cheers, Amanda & Luca

F1b Goldendoodle NALA

I picked up Winnie on April 7 and I want to tell you that she, Piper now, has been the light of my life. I may get another one for her to play with next spring. I'm going to try to send a picture, she's 5 months now and just beautiful! Thank you! Sorry, can't figure out how to send a picture here. Send me an email address and I send a few. Thanks!

Hello Cephas and Ruth, I thought you would enjoy some new pictures of Toby.  He is absolutely wonderful and beautiful, and so very smart!  He is very responsive to training and already knows "sit", "lie down", "stay", and "shake", and he's now learning "crawl".  He learns new things quickly, is growing fast, and he just loves to run and explore through the fields and woods!  We also introduced him to our cabin-cruiser boat so that he can go sailing with us next year.

We want to compliment you on the care you put into raising Toby - and obviously all the puppies - and on getting him shipped safely to us in Alaska. Thank for everything - we love our little Toby! I will send you photos from time to time - and I will have a check in the mail for the balance of shipping cost in a couple of days - just need to get to the post office.

Sincerely, Joanie & Roger Martinez
Hello! Just wanted to let you know hank doing fabulous we got him from you back in august! Here he is up to date ! We just adore him!!
June 2017
It's been a full week since we brought home our new pup. We call her Brooks.

She seems to enjoy city life and cohabitation is going well.

Your husband took a picture on the porch when we picked her up. Would you be able to send that to us? We'd love to have our first family photo.

Here is one of Brooks learning how to use the stairs. She's very curious!

June 2017
Thank you again!
Katie & Tim
"We have LaDonna now Harper, from Lacey's litter. She has such a fun personality and is a great playmate for our 6 year old doodle. She has brought so much joy and laughter to our house". -
A. King
This little girl is at her new home with the Roman family. She is from Lacy's litter . Her new family let us know that they are considering a second puppy. I'm sure this little cutie would be glad for a playmate!
The Puppies are doing good! We love them so much already." - The Pembroke family
This is Sam that we named Gryffin. He has been such a wonder addition to our family. He is now 5 months old and has been a breeze to train."- H Gonzales
"Here are some pictures of our Dixie. She is so sweet and fun! She has been a great addition to the family!" -K. MCGAhey
"This is Sawyer we name Guage. He is absolutly precious and so full of energy!!!"-
H. Schneider
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